Minor Characters We Fell In Love With

Buzzfeed posted by Whoiswillo

Sometimes a character doesn’t need a lot of screen time to make an impression and get us to fall in love with them.

Wedge Antilles


A minor character in all three of the original Star Wars movies, Wedge has been featured as a major player in the expanded universe of the series, including most notably the Rouge Squadron books and video games.



For years Elmo was a minor character on Sesame Street, appearing the background of scenes that called for large numbers of ‘monsters’. However, after Kevin Clash took over the role popularity of Elmo skyrocketed, to the point of becoming the most popular regularly occurring character on the show.

Harley Quinn


Originally a one off hench person for The Joker on the animated series, her popularity led to her becoming a recurring character and eventually transitioning to the comics, becoming the first animated series character to transition to the comic books in DC history.

Boba Fett


George Lucas didn’t anticipate how popular this bounty hunter character with next to no lines would be, otherwise we doubt he would have been killed in Return of the Jedi.

The Worm Guys


Originally just a one off joke in the first Men in Black movie, they gained a lot of popularity after the first film and were written into the plots of Men in Black II and III, as well as the animated series, in more substantial roles.

Leonard Rodriguez


One of Community’s greatest assets is the expansive number of background characters that populate the show. Perhaps none greater than Leonard, the grumpy, bitter old man who proves to be both a foil and occasional ally of the main characters, while delivering some of the show’s funniest lines.



Originally a background character who held a multitude of jobs, he eventually became a more prominent character after landing a permanent position at the janitor for Planet Express on Futurama

Buzz McNab


Psych’s go to backup cop, Buzz McNab became a fan favorite after recurring in a few Season 1 episodes, and continues to be brought back each season, as his sweet but dim supporting police work has become a part of the show’s larger universe.


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